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Sugarcane Trial & Testimonials

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*All interviews are in Hindi.

CropBioLife Sugarcane Trial Presentation #2



Having completed our sugarcane trials across the entire growing season, we are proud to share our findings. 

In a concerted effort to explore the efficacy of CropBioLife in enhancing sugarcane growth and yield, a series of meticulous trials were conducted across multiple farms in India. The objective was to determine the tangible benefits of using CropBioLife, particularly focusing on parameters such as plant height, cane yield, and resistance to diseases. Covering a broad spectrum of eight distinct farms, the consistent and affirmative results from each location emphasized the robust capabilities of CropBioLife in revolutionizing sugarcane agriculture.

  1. Plant Parameters and Increases:

    • Plant Height: 11-15%

    • Number of Leaves: 18-44%

    • Number of Tillers: 15-33%

    • Cane per Tiller: 14-50%

    • Cane Diameter: 5-20%

    • Cane Length: 5-43%

    • BRIX Percentage: 0.84-1.30%

    • Sugarcane Yield: 15-30%

    • Sugarcane Recovery: 0.2-1%

    • High-Level Ethanol: 0.1-1%

  2. Protocol Followed:

    • Seedling treatment with Crop Bio Life enhanced germination, improved defense against stresses, and promoted root development.

    • Initial growth stage application with CropBioLife (1-3 months) enhanced tiller numbers by 20-30%.

    • Grand growth stage application (5-7 months) bolstered cane elongation, diameter, leaf number, and improved the chlorophyll content.

    • Maturation and ripening stage application (10-12 months) improved cane weight and BRIX content.

CropBioLife Sugarcane Trial Presentation #1



This presentation explores the results of a sugarcane crop trial carried out in various villages in Maharashtra's Solapur district, India. The trial examined the impacts of foliar applications of CropBioLife. Throughout the study, there was a marked difference in growth, quality, and yield parameters between the CropBioLife-treated and untreated sugarcane plants. The presentation includes interviews with local farmers who participated in the trial, detailing their experiences and observations.


They reported that the CropBioLife-treated sugarcane crops had more tillers and leaves, a higher cane count, increased internodal distances, larger cane diameters, and higher BRIX-content cane juice. The expected yields rose by 20–40%, and the BRIX content in sugarcane juice increased by 2-3% in the CropBioLife-treated plot compared to the untreated one.

Moreover, CropBioLife can potentially reduce the cost of fertilisers and pesticides by 10–40%. The participating farmers were pleased with the results and recommended CropBioLife to other sugarcane growers for potential yield improvements and overall crop enhancements. This presentation illustrates the significant potential of Aussan Laboratories' organic product, CropBioLife, as an effective solution for boosting sugarcane growth and productivity.

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