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Tree Crops

Money can grow on trees - let us show you how CropBioLife can help.

Grow tree value with CropBioLife
  • There have been more than 6,000 different flavonoids identified in plants. They are involved in every biochemical reaction in plants such as immune systems, photosynthesis, flavour, colour, UV protection and many more. 

  • With the selection and development of crops over the years, plants have lost their ability to produce important flavonoids. 

  • CropBioLife brings the plant back to its natural, wild state, before human intervention.

  • CopBioLife’s flavonoids also stimulate the plant’s production of phenolic compounds, which are instrumental in boosting the plant’s health.

  • Phenolics drive the processes of plant function.

  • Phenolics drive nutrient assimilation.

Healthier trees means more valuable fruit.

By boosting a plant's health, improvements can be seen across a myriad of areas including:

  • Improved nutrient uptake 

  • Improved plant energy

  • Improved polyphenol production

  • Improved soil health

  • Improved stress tolerance

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