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Hemp & Cannabis

Our Hemp & Cannabis growers have seen remarkable returns on their investment, using CropBioLife.

Growing your hemp & cannabis with CropBioLife

By boosting a plant's health, improvements can be seen across a myriad of areas including:

  • Increased levels of CBD and THC compounds in Cannabis.

  • Increase in vegetative growth leading to higher bud yield per plant.

  • Prolific bud initiation with dense flower clusters.

  • Higher mycorrhizal fungi in the soil, with dense roots.

  • Increase in photosynthetic activity boosting the plants energy for cell creation and improved immune system.

  • Presence of natural plant flavonoids in CropBioLife helps plants to fight against allelochemicals and promote terpene levels in flower buds.

  • Significant boost to health and value of hemp & cannabis crops.

Boost the health and value of your crop with CropBioLife

CropBioLife supports the way your plant absorbs and utilises nutrients, assisting plants to do what they do best. The result of a healthier plant is an increased yield and overall value of your crops by getting out, more than you put in.

With CropBioLife your crops ability synthesise nutrients from the soil and photosynthesise with greater ease is supported. Being a much healthier plant they are likely to receive an improved abilities to fight off bacteria and various viruses during its growth stages.

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