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Trusted solution for plant and soil health    //

What is CropBioLife?

The science behind the world's most effective plant nutrient synergist.

CropBioLife increases return on investment & reduces operational costs

  • Keeps grow on track by quickly filling nutrient deficiencies. 

  • Maximises soil health by helping regenerate the soil through stimulation of the active biology around the roots.  

  • Speeds up your grow by improving early growth of new plantings. (particularly trees and vines).

  • Reduces harvest cost by improving flowering, bud retention, and early, even ripening. 

CropBioLife has a tremendous effect on the health of plants and supports healthier soils.

CropBioLife's ability to improve the health of your plant or crop comes with a wonderful set of ancillary benefits including:

  • Improved color.

  • Improved root health, nodulation, & exudation.

  • Improved soil biology.

  • Better fruit set.

  • Higher BRIX levels.

  • Improved resistance to UV-B stress.

  • Improved resistance to drought stress.

  • Supported photosynthesis​​​​ efficiency.

Shaping the Future of Agriculture

CropBioLife is a foliar spray containing naturally occurring flavonoids that stimulate the biosynthetic pathway of the plants in your crop, improving their overall health.

A healthier plant is more resistant to the elements and disease, has better nutrient uptake, increased CO2 sequestration, produces higher yields, better quality, more flavour, and many other benefits that vary by type of crop.

It is a tool that growers can easily integrate into their regular practices to significantly improve their results. The specific benefits of improved plant health depends on the crop however there are a number of common benefits seen in plants across the board using CropBioLife.

How does CropBioLife work?

CropBioLife is a liquid concentrate that growers can mix with water to seamlessly integrate into their spray program. The products naturally occurring flavonoids enter the leaf structure through the stomata. Once in the plant they create, through biosynthesis, natural triggers to boost the plants health.

In essence, the flavonoids in CropBioLife stimulate the already existing flavonoids in plants and have shown to significantly boost their health and improve overall production. The improved resistance to disease and effects of the elements are credited to CropBioLife all over the world.

What makes CropBioLife different from other foliar sprays?

100% Chemical Free

The flavonoids in CropBioLife are 100% naturally occurring, extracted from the pulp of bitter oranges from Spain.

We are approved for organic production in many countries around the world.



CropBioLife contains flavonoids which are secondary metabolites that will help plants that are using fertilisers by improving nutrient uptake.

CropBioLife also provides benefits beyond nutrient uptake by stimulating secondary metabolites (flavonoids) that are already in the plant. The combined benefit of improved nutrient uptake and more flavonoid activity leads to a much healthier plant - completely naturally.

Good for us, Good for the Environment

Using CropBioLife, you can improve the health of your plants with absolutely no harm to the ecosystem.

Because CropBioLife improves the health of the plant, it is often able to extract more CO2 from the atmosphere, we hope to use CropBioLife to help reduce the impact of climate change on our planet.

Made in


We are proud to manufacture everything in Melbourne, Australia - this allows us to ensure that all of our manufacturing is carried out to the highest world standards of quality and efficiency.

United Nations
UNIDO Finalist

CropBioLife has been shortlisted as a finalist in the UNIDO 2021 Global Call for Innovative Solutions in Cleantech and Sustainable Land Management. 

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