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The Statistics

Soil Microbiology


A plant is only as healthy as the soil in which it lives. By improving the Soil Microbiology, we give the plants a significantly improved resilience to climate and other damaging factors.



Huge increases in leaf BRIX, showcasing greater energy levels in the plants, promoting a healthy cycle of root exudates and nutrient uptake.

Yeast Assimilable Nitrogen


Considerable increases are seen in the available primary organic (free amino acids) and inorganic (ammonia and ammonium) sources of nitrogen.



Up to 9.5% increase in Anthocyanins.



Up to a 24% increase in Tannins.

Total Phenolics


Up to 20% increases seen across Total Phenolics.

Improve your


and build Vine Resilience.

CropBioLife has been improving the health of vines and soil for over 12 years.

Working with thousands of vineyards across 3 continents, we've got you covered.

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We have been putting CropBioLife to the test for years!

Indication of Early Ripening in New Zealand across 3-Season Trial.

The percentage difference in ripe bunches compared to control across the 3-season period was significant.

Active Fungi Trials

Data from lab analysis of Soil Microbials over four CropBioLife Vineyard Trials.

Leaf BRIX Malbec Trial

Trial showcased significant improvements to BRIX levels compared to Control over a 6 month period.

Improved Climate Resistance

CropBioLife has been shown to greatly improve a plant's resistance to frost, drought other other extreme weather conditions.

Improved Pest Resistance

Improved health of vines have shown to greatly improve pest resistance without the need for harmful chemicals.

Improved Soil


Improving the health of your soil is imperative to improving the health of your plant. Using CropBioLife has been shown to greatly improve soil biology.

Increased Soil


By activating primary metabolic responses within plants, a significant increase in soil carbon levels can be seen.



Boosting a plant's photosynthesis, results in greater energy production and root exudation. This helps create a sustainable, health boost for your crop.

Increased BRIX


By increasing Photosynthesis, we see a greater increase in BRIX levels throughout the plant; both in the leaves and in the fruit.

"CropBioLife is a unique blend of flavonoids that interact with both plants and soil in a most unique way, strengthening the symbiotic relationship between the two."

CropBioLife in the field.

Trial and control group photos from various trials. Each picture shows the significant difference between the vines that were sprayed with CropBioLife compared to those that were not.

With CropBioLife - 2mls per litre of water

Control - No CropBioLife

Sprayed with CropBioLife - Heat Resistance Test

Control - No CropBioLife - Heat Resistance Test

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