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CropBioLife and

Soil Health

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"Soil health is integral to the wellbeing of not only our agriculture, but also our planet."

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CropBioLife and Carbon Sequestration

By supporting increased carbon storage in the soil, farmers will improve the health of their farm soils exponentially and have better access to carbon credit programs.

1. By spraying CropBioLife, plant health is improved.

2. Improved plant health results in photosynthesis becoming more efficient.

3. Efficient photosynthesis means greater CO2 absorption from the atmosphere.

4. Greater CO2 absorption improves plant energy production.

5. Greater energy production increases root exudates, resulting in greater carbon sequestration.

6. Greater root exudates and carbon sequestration means healthier soil biology.

Plant Health = Soil Health

CropBioLife and
Soil Health

By improving a plant's health, CropBioLife is able to support the improvement of soil health. Healthy plants nurture soils. The excess energy they have from improved photosynthesis increases root exudation.  It’s this root exudation that is responsible for carbon sequestration which feeds the soil biology and allows it to flourish. The symbiotic relationship between plant and soil becomes stronger, creating a sustainable cycle of health above and within the soil.

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