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Flavonoids in Tomatoes

Flavonoids present in CropBioLife are naturally occurring in plants and have a range of functions including growth, reproduction, and defence against stressors in the environment. CropBioLife stimulates pathways in plants and triggers additional production of flavonoids in plants. This ultimately allows plants to efficiently use nutrients, tolerate harsh conditions and improve plant and soil health.

Each crop utilizes flavonoids in unique ways and the benefits of CropBioLife are specific to the crop type. Tomatoes have been found to respond particularly well to the effects of flavonoids present in CropBioLife. Flavonoids are found throughout the tomato vine but in the fruit, they are primarily found in the peel. This provides pigmentation, protection from UV light, defence against pathogens and resistance to drought. Flavonoids of tomatoes have antioxidant properties and can prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer in humans.

CropBioLife has been successfully used in California, assisting tomatoes to thrive stress associated with heat and drought. The enhanced uptake of nutrients as a result of using CropBioLife resulted in improved nutrient density which is the flavour of the fruit. The enhanced flavour was rewarded with a higher sale value of the crop. The fruit was also found to have higher BRIX values which improves shelf life.

CropBioLife has shown these same benefits in an array of other crops including tree, row and vegetable crops. Flavonoids enhance the efficiency of the plant’s functions allowing it to grow despite harsh conditions.

Learn more about how CropBioLife can work with different crop types, including tomatoes, by visiting our Case Studies, assisting farmers in recording significant improvements to health including Brix levels.

About CropBioLife

CropBioLife supports healthier and more efficient crops.

CropBioLife is an Australian Made and Owned organic input certified solution that supports long-term plant and soil health. It is our mission to support farmers to regenerate soils with sustainable solutions to improve plant and soil health. CropBioLife is proud to support the transition to organic and chemical-free farming across the globe for more than 20 years.

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