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Boosting Energy Availability for Healthy Grape Vines

Wine flavour is dependent on vine health and fruit quality. Climate, soil health, sun exposure, water and stress are important determinants of vine health. Though some external factors cannot be controlled, energy availability, along with soil health and tolerance to stress, can be improved to better support overall vine health. This is where CropBioLife can help produce consistently high-quality wine.

Energy is required for all processes within the plant including growth and defence mechanisms. Photosynthesis in the leaf converts light energy into sugars that fuel the plant. Leaf brix is a measure of sugars produced in the leaf. This indicates energy availability and is directly related to the amount of photosynthesis occurring. Higher leaf brix values indicate higher energy availability. Sugar accumulation may cease if conditions are unfavourable such as climate instability and resume when favourable.

Studies show that CropBioLife mitigates stress from heat and frost in grape vines, allowing photosynthesis to continue. One study showed leaf brix values were increased up to 300% in a Californian vineyard that utilised CropBioLife in their spray schedule. Increased availability of energy allows distribution of carbohydrates to the roots to fuel exudation, boosting soil health, as well as energy for defence mechanisms. This triggers a cycle where healthy soil and resistance to stress further aids plant health.

As discussed in detail in one of our previous CropBioLife articles, flavonoids are the naturally occurring substance in CropBioLife that boosts biosynthetic pathways in plants for optimal health. Flavonoids are the largest group of phenols. In wine, phenolic content includes compounds affecting taste, colour and feel of wine. Flavonoids also play roles in many plant functions including pathogen defence, tolerance to environmental stress, soil health and plant reproduction. Using CropBioLife increases overall vine health and stability in variable conditions, producing quality grapes for wine.

About CropBioLife

CropBioLife is an Australian Made and Owned organic input certified solution that supports long-term plant and soil health. It is our mission to support farmers to regenerate soils with sustainable solutions to improve plant and soil health. CropBioLife is proud to support the transition to organic and chemical free farming across the globe for more than 20 years.

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