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Plant Health and Fertilisers

Soil fertility and the best way to support nutrient-rich soil in a sustainable manner is a topic that often results in polarised debate. On one hand, we see arguments prohibiting the use of fertilisers with the goal of achieving “pure organic farming”, while the other argues that fertilisers may be the only way to re-introduce nutrients into depleted soils. In this article, we discuss the importance of supporting plant health to ensure a flourishing relationship between crop and soil biology, after all without productive plants, naturally occurring or added nutrients in the soil will not be absorbed effectively.

The Need for Balance

Fertilisers aim to add nutrients into the soil in the hope of being absorbed by the crop to support growth. With the rise of Industrial Agriculture practices, incorporating fertilisers has become common practice, however, research supports the prevalence of fertiliser addiction in plants and crops. Furthermore, implications to soil health as a result of fertiliser build-up, as opposed to being absorbed by the plant, can throw soil pH and destroy essential microbes further damaging the soil. Imbalances in the soil can equally reduce crop nutrients and yield, and can quickly become a costly exercise for your farm.

To ensure your fertilisers are being absorbed effectively by your plants and crops, incorporating a balance between strategies to support nutrient-rich soil in conjunction with supporting the plant itself is paramount. Natural flavonoids can be used on crops in a foliar spray, increasing productivity and supporting plants in effectively absorbing added nutrients such as fertilisers. Flavonoids are an essential factor in plant interactions with the environment, often serving as the first line of defence against external factors while supporting healthier and more efficient root systems.

Utilising a wholly natural flavonoid foliar spray such as CropBioLife ensures you are supporting your crop to better utilise the additional nutrients made available in the soil from fertiliser use. CropBioLife supports plant health by boosting photosynthesis, thereby providing extra glucose production and enabling the crop to assimilate nutrition at an enhanced rate. This process encourages extra carbohydrates to be pushed to the roots and improve root development. Root exudation is then improved with the presence of the extra carbohydrates and flavonoids which form critical roles in improving the symbiotic relationship between crop and soil biology. This process significantly increases the microbes around the roots which improves nutrient delivery to the crop.

About CropBioLife

CropBioLife supports healthier and more efficient crops

CropBioLife is an Australian Made and Owned organic input certified solution that supports long-term plant and soil health. It is our mission to support farmers to regenerate soils with sustainable solutions to improve plant and soil health. CropBioLife is proud to support the transition to organic and chemical-free farming across the globe for more than 20 years.


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