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India Tomato Trial & Testimonials

Video Testimonials

*All interviews are in Hindi.

CropBioLife Tomato Trial Presentation



This presentation highlights the remarkable impact of CropBioLife (CBL) on tomato plants, showcasing improvements in growth, yield, and overall plant health. By applying CBL as a foliar treatment, tomato plants experienced enhanced metabolic rates for both photosynthesis and respiration, leading to increased CO2 absorption and carbohydrate concentration.


This metabolic boost also stimulated the secretion of organic acids, promoting healthier soil microbial populations and increased mycorrhizal presence in the rhizosphere.

Data from the study demonstrate the numerous benefits of CBL application, including increased tomato yield, higher BRIX levels, improved fruit weight biomass, larger fruit diameter, and accelerated fruit maturity. Furthermore, the presentation showcases the positive effects of CBL on white root development and nutrient uptake in the tomato rhizosphere.

Lastly, the presentation reveals that CBL treatment not only improves tomato growth and yield but also extends the shelf life of harvested tomatoes, adding value for both growers and consumers. Overall, this presentation provides a compelling case for using CropBioLife as an effective solution for optimizing tomato plant health and productivity.

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