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Image by Istvan Hernek

India Pomegranate Trial & Testimonials

CropBioLife Pomegranate Testimonial

Explore the transformative effects of CropBioLife on pomegranate farming in this insightful testimonial video. The farmer shares his experience, emphasizing the considerable enhancements in canopy growth, greenery, and a notable increase in the number of flowers. This proliferation of flowers not only improved flower setting but also played a vital role in attracting more beneficial bees to the area, ultimately contributing to the overall health and productivity of the pomegranate plants.


These impressive results can be attributed to the powerful flavonoids present in CropBioLife. Flavonoids work within the plant to improve stress tolerance, increase photosynthesis efficiency, and support overall plant health. This leads to a stronger, more resilient pomegranate crop, with an increased yield and an enhanced ability to withstand external pressures.

Video Testimonial

*Testimonial is spoken in Hindi

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