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Image by Hendika S Pratama

India Chilli Trial & Testimonials

Video Testimonial

*Testimonial is spoken in Hindi

CropBioLife Chilli Trial Presentation

Discover the astounding results of the CropBioLife chili trial in this comprehensive synopsis. The trial revealed remarkable differences between untreated and treated plots, with significant improvements in various aspects of the chili plants. The treated plants experienced a 7.32% increase in overall produce weight, a 14% increase in plant height, and a 15% increase in branches per plant. Additionally, there was a 12% increase in the number of flowers and an impressive 33% increase in the number of chilis per plant, ultimately leading to a 43% increase in yield per acre.


Further analysis by the Manjri Farm Laboratory confirmed that the treated chilis also contained higher levels of essential nutrients, showcasing the impact of CropBioLife on the nutritional quality of the produce. The trial document also highlights the benefits of CropBioLife in improving soil quality and health.

These remarkable results are a testament to the power of the flavonoids in CropBioLife, which work within the plant to enhance stress tolerance, boost photosynthesis efficiency, and support overall plant health, ultimately resulting in stronger, more resilient chili plants with increased yields and better quality produce.

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