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  • CropBioLife 5L
  • CropBioLife 5L
  • CropBioLife 5L
SKU: CropBioLife-5L

CropBioLife 5L


Please note the online purchase of CropBioLife is available in Australia only at this time.


A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY: On average only 2ml of CropBioLife is needed per litre of water.


CropBioLife is a foliar spray containing naturally occurring flavonoids that stimulate the biosynthetic pathway of the plants in your crop, improving their overall health.

A healthier plant is more resistant to the elements and disease, has better nutrient uptake, increased CO2 sequestration, produces higher yields, better quality, more flavour, and many other benefits that vary by type of crop.

It is a tool that growers can easily integrate into their regular practices to significantly improve their results. The specific benefits of improved plant health depends on the crop however there are a number of common benefits seen in plants across the board using CropBioLife.

    • 100% Harmful Chemical Free
    • Certified for Organic Input
    • Improves soil and plant health
    • Made in Australia
    • Good for us, Good for the Environment
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