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Enhancing Nutrient Efficiency Use (NUE) to maximise yield and income

Nutrient availability and how it is utilised is crucial for healthy plant growth and consequently maximising yields and income. Many agricultural soils are deficient in essential nutrients and minerals that support productive healthy growth of crops. Farmers spend large amounts on chemical fertilisers attempting to meet nutrient demands and increase yield. Unfortunately, the overall efficiency of nutrients from fertilisers is low and estimated at 50% or less for Nitrogen, 10% or less for Phosphorus and around 40% for Potassium. This is due to losses from leaching, run-off, gaseous emissions and fixation by soil. The use of chemical fertilisers also leads to further degradation of the environment, impacting soil health and contaminating groundwater.

Nutrient Efficiency Use (NUE) is an important performance indicator that encompasses a plants ability for nutrient uptake, transportation of nutrients within the plant and utilisation of nutrients. NUE of a plant is determined by both external environmental factors, as well as genetic and physiological mechanisms within the plant. Environmental factors include UV radiation, rainfall, climate, resistance to disease and insects and root microbes.

Studies show that CropBioLife foliar spray increases the NUE in cannabis plants. Flavonoids in CropBioLife optimise nourishment of plants by enhancing nutrient absorption, transport of nutrients and utilisation of nutrients. Additionally, CropBioLife enhances resistance to environmental stressors that can negatively impact NUE.

By increasing the NUE of a plant, dependence on chemical fertilisers is reduced, nutrient loss is reduced, and crop yield is increased. Consequently, fertiliser costs are reduced, and income is increased by increasing yield per unit area. With population growth intensifying demands, it is expected that 77% of growth in crop production will need to come from yield increases. CropBioLife provides a solution for enhancing the efficiency of agriculture practices while supporting a healthier environment.

About CropBioLife

CropBioLife is an Australian Made and Owned organic input certified solution that supports long-term plant and soil health. It is our mission to support farmers to regenerate soils with sustainable solutions to improve plant and soil health. CropBioLife is proud to support the transition to organic and chemical-free farming across the globe for more than 20 years.


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