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Image by Ales Maze

Stuart Proud Vineyard Testimonial

Season 2010-2011 was one of the most difficult and wettest years on record in the Yarra Valley and the battle to grow quality fruit was very challenging, with over 19 downy mildew infection events recorded.

On the 40-hectare property that I manage, we received phone calls from 5 out of 7 wineries that let us know they were very happy with the quality of our fruit after harvest. We also received bonus payments from one winery!

At one stage I was receiving daily phone calls to see if we had any extra Pinot Noir for sale as many wineries had to reject other grower’s fruit due to excessive disease levels. Using CropBioLife certainly helped us in the battle to grow clean, sound, quality wine grapes. We were able to use CropBioLife in conjunction with many conventional products and this ensured that canopies recovered quickly after infections and helped to enhance skin thickness, colour and flavour in the fruit.

In a season that had continuous challenges to face, we were very happy with the way Croplife performed and will make sure it is part of our annual spray program.

Stuart Proud - Viticulturist

Consulting Senior Viticulturist & Manager: Syme on Yarra

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