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Odell Bros. Farming Testimonial

My name is Chris Odell, at Odell Bros. Farming. We are a small conventional market garden about one hour drive South East of Melbourne. 


We started our journey about two years ago, looking for ways to think outside the norm for conventional farming and different practices to try and farm more sustainably for future generations and to look after our soil health.


One of the products we were introduced to was CropBioLife. Since we started using it, it has become a staple in our spray program. When we use CropBioLife we can still see growth in our slowest-growing crops through our coldest, shortest-growing periods.


We have produced some of the largest, fullest crops, and we have seen some crops growing quickly in better conditions without the crop going soft. I cannot imagine our spray program ever not including CropBioLife.


We have also found the knowledge and help from the CropBioLife team fantastic. They are always there to answer questions and help with anything we need. Working with the guys at CropBioLife feels like they’re a part of our team.

Location: Pearcedale, VIC, Australia

Chris Odell - Owner

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