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La Colline Winery Testimonial

"I have been using Cropbiolife for the last two years. I sprayed a block of pinot gris with Cropbiolife at a rate of 200ml/100L I was quite amazed to see after 24 hours the change of colour.

That block (which had been over-cropped) previously would not progress, staying a dull dark yellow and 8.7 Boume. After spraying CropBioLife, Boume went up by 0.5 in three days.

I decided not to thin my crop and to reapply a second spray 10 days later. I managed to pick at 12.8 Boume with very little botrytis and mostly dry.
Also on a block of cabernet downy was a problem which a spray of Cropbiolife at 200ml/100L helped the canopy recover from, after which we then resumed normal spray cover. Our winemaker was surprised how well the fermentation went as it is usually pretty sluggish and need some intervention."

Location: Orange, NSW, Australia

Phillipe Prudhomme - Owner/Viticulturist

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