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We have been proudly supporting the transition to organic and chemical free farming for over 10 years.

With over 10 years of R&D, initial market success and achievement of the required approvals and certifications. CropBioLife™ and AUSSAN L44™ are two AUSSAN Laboratories revolutionary products designed to provide a natural, non-toxic alternative to synthetic chemicals used in agriculture, food crops, food sanitation and preservation.

CropBioLife is approved for organic production in USA, Australia, New Zealand, Chile and now Canada.

We believe in a healthier, cleaner future for everyone.

Our vision is clear – with the world’s rapidly shifting emphasis towards sustainable and natural crop additives, our goal is to do our part by providing a key component of this new paradigm – this component is called flavonoids.

We are an organisation that cares. We care about the environment, the future of our communities and future generations. Our passion is listening to and working with growers and finding solutions to satisfy their needs in a way that is beneficial to the environment.

Our product, CropBioLife, reflects our vision perfectly. It is a totally unique flavonoid-based nutrient synergist foliar spray. It is approved as an organic input in many regions around the world. CropBioLife is highly effective and leverages its organic input status to satisfy the needs of any grower the world over.

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