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The COVID-19 fallout & the future of your nations food security.

The COVID-19 pandemic fallout has brought the issue of domestic food security back into focus. Country leaders are now more focused on figuring out whether their domestic agriculture can grow enough food for the nation without having to rely on imports in a doomsday scenario. We should now see the whole landscape of food farming optimized in terms of how to secure supply by boosting capacity through more efficient farming practices. How do we ensure that each square foot of arable land produces the most yield nation-wide?…

Implementing strategies that reduce costs for farmers but at the same time increase or maintain the same yield versus operational cost is one area that would help in securing food supply. The better the economic sustainability the better the chances of survival for current farmers and the next generation of farmers entering the industry. This directly secures food supply for every country.

Reducing the cost of growing fruit and vegetables but maintaining profitability is not easy but for many farmers moving plants away from their dependency on chemicals and making them more efficient at producing without having to put as much money into them is working. This being achieved through a combination of healthier soil and greater nutrient uptake and synergy in plants across the whole scale of grow sizes and all kinds of crops from cash crops to horticulture crops. CropBioLife is an effective tool for increasing nutrient uptake and nutrient synergy for greater plant health. Ask us about how we can help reduce chemical dependency, improve plant health for greater yields and potentially greater profits.

Food security is also about healthy food production and the basis for this in agriculture has always been healthy soil. Healthy soil is living soil. Living soil has a lot of bugs and insects all playing roles that enable nutrient-rich food production. Chemicals like pesticides kill bugs and the prolonged use of them breaks down ecosystems that allow plants to grow the nutrients our bodies need. Nutrients we need for strong immune systems as well. So the real future of food security is going to rely on not only producing the most food, not only producing healthy good quality food but also making sure we don’t destroy the ecosystem that allows us to grow the food. CropBioLife is proud to provide a product that is directly targeting healthy food production and food security.

For more information on soil health and healthy food production check out this article and supporting documents from the food and agriculture organization of the united nations: healthy soils are the basis for healthy food production

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