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Making more money from Cannabis crops using CropBioLife

For argument's sake, the more productive you are the guy next door more you grow your business than them over the same time spent. The more efficient you are the more you make in return by reducing the amount you spend. High return needs high performance. In farming where the output or the yield determines how much money a grower ends up with after expenses, the plants in your crops need to be performing optimally to make money. Fine-tuning this is possible with natural foliar spray CropBioLife

Nutrient Use Efficiency or NUE is a key performance indicator on whether your plants are performing at their best, how much make money they can make you. A recent study by dr. Raj madam has shown that CropBioLife can be a potent tool for tuning the NUE in cannabis crops. This can in-turn boost the return on investment into your grow operations by improving things like disease control and nutrient absorption thus overall yield for your dollar.

More specifically, CropBioLife application at different growth stages was able to reduce the cost of inputs by improving the absorption of nutrients thus preventing losses of nutrients to ecosystems. CropBioLife also showed that it can increase flower size as well as THC & CBD production.

More on this here: Download report & example application overview

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Manufactured by Aussan Laboratories Pty Ltd

15 Fordson Road, Campbellfield VIC 3061 Australia