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Human wealth depends on nature’s health: An SOS signal for the human enterprise.

It has been well documented that the illegal and unsustainable wildlife trade played a key role, and more specifically the government authorised operation of wet markets in china essentially launched the coronavirus pandemic. According the UN, WHO and WWF International, it’s not just the wet markets putting us at risk of future pandemics via wild animal-human contact though. Leading scientists have been quoted as saying that the covid-19 outbreak was a “clear warning shot” and that we are “playing with fire” speaking about the way humanity is going about things now. They said it was almost always human behaviour that caused diseases to spill over into humans, Zika, AIDS, SARS and Ebola, all came from animals and the evidence is clear that it is our way of doing business that's increasing the likelihood of wild animal diseases infecting humans.

Humanity’s overall destruction of nature, the devastation of forests and other wild places to grow food and feed cattle are the main reason we are seeing increasing numbers of diseases leaping from wildlife to humans. The UN Environment Chief and a leading economist said that “these outbreaks are manifestations of our dangerously unbalanced relationship with nature.” experts have said that global warming and the destruction of the natural world for farming, mining and housing have to end because both are responsible for putting wild animals in touch with humans. Deforestation, a prime example, will continue to play a pivotal role in putting wildlife into contact with humans, thus leading to diseases, and history is showing time and time again that we don’t have the luxury of continuing to operate like that if we want to life the lives we want in the future. The strategy of cutting down more trees, displacing wild animal populations in the process, to make room for our crops like we’ve been doing looks like it’s run its course now.

We have all seen the impact first hand this year. In early June, the un environment chief and a leading economist said that covid-19 was an “SOS signal for the human enterprise” and talked about how the way we look at things now economically doesn’t take into consideration that human wealth depends on natures health. Leaders at the UN, WHOand WWF International say the world has been ignoring this stark reality of the impact industry has on enabling pandemics for decades. For this reason we might be in deep trouble unless the people of the world, especially those people at the helm of the biggest industrial operations and governments take firm action against this issue like the whole world did the coronavirus pandemic itself.

Anyone can see the writing on the wall now. Now is the time to adopt and utilise ways to grow more food with the land we have without the dependancy on deforestation. The economic impact from the coronavirus pandemic lockdown has been well documented itself but the evidence is clearer than ever now that we have a bigger wider issue. Humanity really needs to get our act together because in its current form, our pursuit of wealth is actually creating the perfect storm for animal-to-human diseases pandemics just like our pursuit of wealth affect climate change. The good news is that if we are able to figure out how to grow our food in a more efficient way through better utilisation of the resources we have then the future can be bright.

Just think if a large portion of farmers and eventually more and more farmers all over the world were able to get more yield from their crops from the same land mass. More yield with reduced chemical use, healthier soil - leading to more yield, healthier plants - more resistant to disease, plants operating without chemical dependancies and farms not having adverse impact on the land around them from their chemical run off. Perhaps that could make a big impact? This is cropbiolife helps. Talk to us about how to grow more food using less land with cropbiolife.

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