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India Hydroponic Lettuce Trial & Testimonials

CropBioLife Hydroponic Lettuce

Trial Presentation



Discover the astounding results of a trial conducted by HyGreens Hydroponic LLP, exploring the effects of CropBioLife on hydroponically grown lettuce. The study focused on two varieties of lettuce – Romaine and Rollo Rosso – and observed significant improvements in their growth and overall health.

In the case of Romaine lettuce, foliar application of CropBioLife resulted in up to a 38% increase in plant fresh weight, a 20% increase in height, and a 7.5% increase in chlorophyll content. The benefits of CropBioLife were further validated in the trial with Rollo Rosso lettuce, which showcased up to a 16% increase in height, an 11% increase in weight, and an 8.5% increase in chlorophyll content.

This trial demonstrates the potential of CropBioLife in enhancing the growth, yield, and overall health of hydroponically grown lettuce, making it an invaluable asset for growers seeking to optimize their crop production.

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